About Us

Altitude Skills Development (Pty) Ltd (ASD) is a private company established in 2013 as part of the Altitude Group. ASD specializes in all aspects of Learnership Procurement and Management. ASD offers learnership opportunities for persons with disabilities, and prides itself on the empowering of people with disabilities by providing, sourcing, and creating job opportunities for them through this learnership process.

Our Mission

We strive for quality and service excellence in everything we undertake.

By creating learning opportunities for people with disabilities, we aim to provide innovative skills development solutions and add quality to the lives of learners with disabilities.

Take full advantage of the strengths of persons with disabilities through the services and products that we offer, thereby facilitating a meaningful contribution towards their empowerment.

Our Objectives

By providing, sourcing and creating job opportunities for persons with disabilities, we aim to add quality to the work we do, to the client for whom we work and to the lives of the people who do the work.

Contribute to the growth of the Disabled Sector as an economic force, playing a meaningful role in the economy of our country.

Contribute to the awareness of disability within business and society.

Develop and participate in a network of knowledgeable Service Providers in the area of disability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the largest contribution to the development of People With Disabilities in South Africa through specialising in all aspects of learnership and skills development solutions.

Our Values

Service excellence



Shanaaz Abdol

Shanaaz Abdol

Managing Director

Shanaaz Abdol, Managing Director of Altitude Skills Development (Pty) Ltd, has been involved in the Disability Sector for several years. In addition to her job as ASD’s Managing Director, Shanaaz has recently completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Disability Studies at the University of Cape Town. ASD’s mission to strive for equality in the workplace for the Disabled Community in Cape Town has become her own as she continues striving for equality not just with employment but in a broader, all-inclusive sense. She has become a paragon of Disability Equality in the Workforce.

Shanaaz Abdol’s IPDM/ASD Relationship

As of 2017, Shanaaz Abdol has assumed the role of Chairperson of the Institute for the Promotion of Disabled Manpower in addition to her role as Altitude Skills Development Managing Director. Both IPDM and ASD strive to improve the quality of life for the Disabled Community in South Africa. Shanaaz, a passionate advocate for Employment Equity, hopes that by linking ASD and IPDM, despite their differences, that her mission for equity between the Disabled and Non-Disabled Communities can be reached sooner and have a greater, longer-lasting impact on the country’s socio-economic landscape.